Little is known about Jennings' early life. He revealed that he was bullied as a child and thus hated the word "freak", and that he eventually fought back against the bullies until they left him alone. He kept his mutant powers a secret and eventually got work as a stuntman. After injuring the lead actor during a movie shoot and promptly being fired, Jennings was hired by Mysterio to take down Spider-Man in exchange for a large sum of cash. Given the name Hardrock by Mysterio, Jennings ambushed Spider-Man on a rooftop after the webslinger was lured there by Mysterio. Jennings easily overwhelmed Spider-Man and knocked him out. Before Jennings could kill Spider-Man with a bullet to the head, Spider-Man's black costume came to life and killed Jennings by entering his mouth and exploding his head.[1]

Jennings was arrogant and belligerent, sneering at those weaker than himself. Hypocritically, he claimed to detest bullies; and considered mutants to be freaks despite being one himself and claiming to hate the word "freak".[1]


Jennings' mutant powers gave him superhuman strength, durability, speed, and stamina. He easily knocked out the also superhumanly strong Spider-Man while also easily shrugging off Spider-Man's punches.[1]


Jennings wore a suit treated by Mysterio to be immune to Spider-Man's webbing.


A handgun

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