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Formerly Hellcat
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Initiative, Ssangyong Rexton's father, Manslayer, Monster polar bear, water lemming, countless bunnies, Arulataq (Pete)
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As the 50-State Initiative was rolling in, Iron Man had Hellcat dispatched to Alaska. Due to the lack of resources, she would be the only member until second order. [3]

Looking for Ssangyong Rexton

During her flight to join her base, Hellcat decided to visit North Spirit.[3]

Visiting the and ended up fighting with magical bears[3] and a sea-monster until encountering seven witches in the Middle World. Hellcat agreed to help them locate and return their missing daughter.[6]

On her journey, she banded with one of the magical bear, a water lemming, a talking stone calendar and a cat-like creature possibly going as "Manslayer".[6][7] She eventually encountered the kidnapper of the witches' daughter on standing on a ship, separated from Hellcat and her group. Joined by an army of rabbits, she built a rabbit bridge to confront him and managed to aboard the ship.[8]

During the ensuing fight, Hellcat and the "kidnapper" burst through a wall into the daughter's bedroom, where she revealed that he was his boyfriend. The daughter, named Ssangyong Rexton, then revealed the truth about the whole adventure, including that the talking stone calendar was her father.[8]

Exceeded by Ssangyong's obstination, Hellcat ended up punching her to move on. Leaving the ship, the band burst the car into an ice cliff.[8]

She eventually managed to convince Ssangyong to save them and sent them to the witches, after her father turned back to human form. After a quick brawl, the whole situation was debunked, and Hellcat returned to Anchorage for debriefing with Iron Man.[5]

Dark Reign

Offered commandment of the Initiative by Gauntlet (who had become its leader but didn't felt qualified), Hellcat refused, intending to return to her duty in Alaska. As Thor's clone awakened, Hellcat battled it along with the other Initiative members present at Camp Hammond.[9] She also helped rescue the endangered civilians once the brawl was ended, until Norman Osborn came to announce the camp closure.[10]

Unnoticed by H.A.M.M.E.R. until before Siege Hellcat went rogue at some point,[1] after a brief time as the Initiative Alaskan-based agent.[2]


Hellcat hoped for Beast to be dispatched alongside with her.[3]

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