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Alban Edmond was one of several Chessmen in the employ of Obadiah Stane. Like his colleagues, he was named and outfitted in accordance with the playing pieces of a chessboard. Edmond played the role of a Bishop.[citation needed]

When Stane's Knight failed to assassinate Tony Stark in New Mexico, Stane sent the Bishop to silence him. The Bishop broke the Knight out of prison, lifted him a great distance into the air with the aid of his staff, then let him fall to his death.[citation needed]

Chessmen (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 1 163 001
The Bishop traveled to Northern Scotland where he found Stark outside. Tony fought the Bishop in his dual guise as Iron Man. The Bishop wore a special miter which contained electronic devices that emitted a low-wave electromagnetic signal. This signal affected a target's mid-brain enabling the wielder to manipulate an opponent's motor functions. As such, Iron Man had great difficulty defending himself against the Bishop and could barely bring himself to strike him directly. When the Bishop submerged Iron Man in the waters of a loch on the estate, the transmission was temporarily dampened. Iron Man took advantage of the situation and knocked the miter off the Bishop's head, broke the villain's electro-staff and apprehended him.[citation needed]



All of the Bishop's abilities originated from equipment provided for him by Obadiah Stane. The Bishop's miter enabled him to manipulate an opponent's actions. He also wielded an electro-staff, which allowed him to fly and could also generate high voltages of electricity.


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