Albert Bendix was a physician charged with the daunting task of restoring Norman Osborn's sanity. Bendix devised a cocktail of drugs that could be used to achieve this goal and once Osborn began treatment they observed a significant improvement in his mental state. However, Osborn grew dissatisfied with the intravenous method of drug delivery claiming that it handicapped him too much. Osborn scolded the doctor for this inconvenience, and Bendix quickly developed a dermal patch that could be used as an alternative to the IV.[1]

As a reward for Bendix's hard work, Osborn dressed him up as Spider-Man and allowed his Order of the Goblin to pummel him to death (Goblin-fodder if you will). Later, a mind controlled Peter Parker, garbed as the Green Goblin, tossed Bendix's body into the water below the Brooklyn Bridge. The next morning, Bendix, still dressed as Spider-Man, washed up on shore. Joe Robertson identified the body, as he recognized Bendix from a major malpractice trial that had occurred a few years prior. Robertson immediately concluded that this couldn't be the real Spider-Man, as the trial had taken place at the same time that Spider-Man had been engaged in a notable confrontation with Thunderball, and Peter Parker, who was at the scene as well, realized that something was amiss. It was the discovery of Dr. Bendix's body that eventually led Peter to the realization that Norman Osborn had been recently manipulating him and was forcing him to inherit the mantle of the Green Goblin.[2]

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