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Alberto "Berto" Santana is the son of Javier Santana and Cecilia Santana, as well as the adoptive older brother of America Chavez. As a boy, Berto discovered the young America on the shore when she first appeared on Earth, and garnered a trust with her by giving her his prized toy Juanchiz the blue hippo. This helped the two become close siblings since.

Three years after her adoption, Berto would pull America off a boy in a fight and learned she recalled her origin with her birth mothers with a family tree illustration. Ten years after America attained her powers, Berto witnessed America's late arrival to his wife's baby shower, where her subsequent fighting with Javi & Ceci lead to a falling out and America's leaving the Santana family.

Three years after America's falling out, a grown Berto was with his wife and young son visiting his parents when a mysterious forcefield enveloped the block. His family were then surrounded by an apartment fire set by an enemy of America, rescued by the estranged heroine shortly thereafter. Relocating to his aunt Marta's apartment, he and his family welcomed America back after her excommunication, and had her meet J.J. again. However, pleasantries ended when Ceci told everyone the building was set ablaze by an enemy of America's.[1]


Berto is shown to be outgoing and considerate as he befriended America Chavez as children soon after she was effectively adopted. Over the course of his youth and into parenthood, Berto had displayed a strong sense of responsibility and attention, such as defusing fights America had as a child and being diplomatic between her and his parent when she became a vigilante.[1]

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