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Alchemax International[1]


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Alche-Bank: Mr. Sampson[3]
Macroware: Damian Fawcett, Carmen Lynch[4]
Teknik: Jack Mitchell[4]

Helix: Ms. Benoit[5]


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Alchemax, also known as Alchemax International,[1] was the most powerful corporation which controlled United States of America in year 2099 A.D.[6] It created products for virtually every consumer need, had entered into endeavors normally deemed non-profit, and even manufactured an entire city to be maintained exclusively by the corporation. Alchemax had divisions affecting nearly every level of consumer need, society, and government. Their products ranged from consumer products to military weaponry and private space travel. Alchemax owned several private police force services, including the Public Eye[6] and Eco Central.[7]

At some point in the past, the alien later known as Avatarr took control of the corporation's Board of Directors,[8] becoming its Chief Executive Officer.[9] Pulling the corporation's strings from behind the scenes,[10] Avatarr had Anderthorp Henton, Alchemax's Director General,[7] publicly acting as the C.E.O.[11] Alchemax was organized in several departments and subsidiary corporations, each controlled by a member of the Executive Board.[12]

Research & Development Department

Alchemax's Research & Development Department was the corporation's main division, located at Alchemax Corporate Headquarters in Nueva York. Directed by Vice President Tyler Stone,[6] the Department was in charge of Corporate Raider Program,[13] Mars Colony Project Mars One,[14] undersea colony New Atlantis,[14] also called Nova Atlantea[15] and Virtual Unreality Program.[16][17] Corporate Raider Program's head scientist, Miguel O'Hara, secretly Tyler Stone's biological son,[18] gained Spider-like powers after having been caught in an explosion set out by his jealous supervisor Aaron Delgato. Miguel, wearing a day-of-the-dead costume, secretly became year 2099's Spider-Man.[13]

Public Eye

Originally directed by Commander Tiger Wylde,[19] Public Eye Police Force has been oversaw by Vice President Darryl "Fearmaster" King[20] after Wylde left the company.[19][21] Headquartered in an high Uptown skyscraper, Public Eye passed under Tyler Stone's control[22] after Fearmaster had been appointed as new C.E.O. of Eco Central.[12]

Eco Central

Eco Central was an anti-pollution private police force subsidiary of Alchemax headquartered in Nueva York.[7] Paul-Philip Ravage was Commander[7] and C.E.O. of Eco.[23] When Ravage realized that Alchemax itself was responsible of pollution, Alchemax Director-General Anderthorp Henton publicly marked him as a traitor, ordering him killed; however Ravage escaped his captors,[7] and Henton assumed full-control of Eco,[24] becoming its C.E.O.[25] until Alchemax C.E.O. Avatarr killed him during a Board Meeting, replacing him with his fellow director Fearmaster.[12]

Military Department

Alchemax's Military Department was personally overseen by C.E.O. Avatarr, located at his private Alchemax Tower in Nueva York.[26]

Board Changes

After having seen his Vice Presidents' failures, Avatarr organized a Board Meeting[12][9] where he showed them Valhalla / Aesir Project, then proceeded to kill Henton, appointing Fearmaster as the new C.E.O. of Eco Central.[12]

One Nation Under Doom

Avatarr was then killed at a meeting between the C.E.O.s of the several American MegaCorporations ordered by the new President, Doom; he was revealed to be an alien, who had infiltrated himself inside Alchemax several years before,[27] possibly during the Heroic Age, having some kind of relationship with Spider-Man.[28][12]

Immediately after Avatarr's death, Tyler Stone was nominated as the new Alchemax C.E.O. directly by President Doom, as well as Doom's Minister of MegaCorporation Affairs.[29] Then, Stone decided to have his biological son, Miguel O'Hara, filling his previous position at Alchemax, Director of Research & Development, making him the Vice President of the corporation.[30] However, Stone was shot by his ex-lover Conchata O'Hara,[30] and he went in a comatose state.[31]

When he awoke from coma, Stone tried to regain the control of Alchemax by Miguel, also revealing he was his biological father; since Miguel already knew the truth, that information had no impact on him, who ordered to Alchemax Security to take Tyler outside from his office, and had doctors identifying him as mentally unstable. Miguel then became the new C.E.O. of Alchemax.[32]


Transportation: Company cars, Excalibur


  • As of when Tyler Stone got shot, Miguel O'Hara has taken over Alchemax to became a a great corporation. Alchemax is responsible for the birth of Degens[33], mutated humans with no legal rights or existence, and who find refuge at the Degen Hostel, funded by Matt Axel[34], and are tracked by Gene Guards[35], racist murderers, and Alchemax's commandos. The creations of Degens occurs in drugs tests such as the energide, or the Red Dog project. The conditions of Degens seems to be genetically transmissible.

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