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Quote1 Because I'm not Alchemax! 'Cause I'm not some evil, mindless, megacorp... That craters everything it touches! Quote2

For more information on the early days of Alchemax, please see Alchemax.

Alchemax had a similar history as its mainstream counterpart. In 2099 A.D., Alchemax was the biggest corporation in the United States of America, operating from its Corporate Headquarters in Nueva York. The corporation was led by Tyler Stone.[1]

Scientists at Alchemax created time travel technology, to find the source of disruptions in the timestream. Discovering the problem to be originating from the Heroic Age, they convinced Spider-Man to travel to 2013 A.D.. Once the timeline was secure, Tyler had his scientist destroy their time machine, abandoning Spider-Man in the past.[2]

Several Alchemax facilities were raided by the Superior Spider-Man for technology relating to Virtual Unreality. Tyler sent the Public Eye and Venture after him, but Spider-Man was able to escape each encounter.[3]

When Spider-Man returned to 2099, Alchemax agreed to allow him to use one of their labs in exchange for him forgiving his exile.[4]

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