Alchemax had a similar history as its Earth-TRN588 counterpart. At some point during the late 21th Century, a Skrull posing as J. Jonah Jameson took control of Alchemax, becoming its C.E.O.[1]

During unrevealed circumstances, the criminal group known as the Sinister Six removed both the C.E.O. and Tyler Stone from their positions, assuming the control of Alchemax.[2]

However, an alternate Spider-Man from a different 2099 arrived in this timeline and defeated the Sinister Six, who were transported back in time to the 2016 A.D. by the terrorist organization The Fist.[3]

After the disappearance of the Sinister Six, the C.E.O. retook control of Alchemax, and approved the Anti-Powers Act in order to eliminate every superhuman activity in Nueva York.[4]

The alternate Spider-Man returned to this 2099 A.D. again in order to find Roberta Mendez, the Captain America from yet another 2099 Timeline, and helped the heroes of Nueva York defeating Alchemax and its allies; the C.E.O. Jameson, as well as the Alchemax-sponsored heroes the Power Pack, were revealed to be Skrulls, and "Jameson" was killed by Deadpool.[5]

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