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The Board of Directors was the executive council which controlled and oversaw the activities and operations of Alchemax International.[5] The Board, originally composed by Alchemax's top executives and chaired by Chief Executive Officer Avatarr,[5] changed its roster several times.

Alchemax's Golden Age

Under unspecified circumstances, possibly during or after the Heroic Age,[6] the alien later known as Avatarr successfully took control of Alchemax from its previous owners, becoming the company's new Chief Executive Officer,[7] and, possibly, its sole owner and shareholder.[8]

Seized control of the corporation, Avatarr set up his personal Board of Directors, composed by Alchemax's Vice Presidents and Division Heads. Its roster included Anderthorp Henton,[5] Alchemax's Director-General[9] and Chief Executive Officer of Eco Central,[10] Tyler Stone,[5] Vice President of Alchemax's Research & Development Division[11][12] and Head of Alchemax's New York Branch,[13] Darryl King,[5] Vice President of Public Eye Unlimited,[14] and Paul-Philip Ravage, Commander of Eco Central.[9]

It is known that powerful businessman Anthony Herod once held an high-ranking executive position at Alchemax, with even Tyler Stone reporting to him,[3] as well as Tiger Wylde, future Dictator of Latveria, who was General of Alchemax Elite Corps, before leaving the company due to unknown causes.[15][1]

Desiring to keep his very existence hidden from the public's eye, Avatarr had Director-General Anderthorp Henton acting as Alchemax's C.E.O. in several public occasions,[16] also giving him full control of Alchemax Headquarters, where was located the Executive Boardroom.[5] Avatarr, instead, resided in Alchemax's Military Department Tower, from where he controlled and oversaw that division.[17] Tyler Stone's Research & Development Department, instead, operated in an high skyscraper located in Uptown Nueva York.[18]

Eco Central

When Eco Central's Commander Paul-Philip Ravage started suspecting that some high-ranking executives at Alchemax could be corrupted polluters, Director-General Anderthorp Henton contacted the Board of Directors in order to find a solution to fire Ravage without going into the public's eye. Henton then had Ravage labeled as a traitor, accused of conspirating with Hellrock's Mutroids, and legally fired him.[9] As Eco Central's Chief Executive Officer, Henton did not choose a replacement Commander, instead having all the Eco troops directly reporting to him.[16]

Tired of his subordinates' failures, Alchemax's C.E.O. Avatarr then held a Board meeting in order to review and discuss his Directors' performances. After having appointed Darryl King as the new Chief Executive Officer of Eco Central, Avatarr had Henton killed by an hired sniper.[5] The Public Eye, no more under Fearmaster's direction, fell under Tyler Stone's Research & Development Division.[19]

One Nation Under Doom

When Victor von Doom became President of the United States by right of revolution, the Alchemax Board was invited to the White House to attend a meeting between the new President and the leaders of the major megacorporations.[20] At the meeting, Doom slayed Avatarr, who revealed himself to be an alien,[7] and appointed Tyler Stone as the new C.E.O. of Alchemax,[12] as well as the Corporate Minister at Doom's Black Cabinet.[11] As his first act, Stone appointed his biological son Miguel O'Hara, secretly the vigilante Spider-Man, as his replacement as Vice President of Research & Development at Alchemax. However, when Stone was shot by his ex-lover Conchata O'Hara and hospitalized, Miguel was forced by Doom to become Alchemax's acting Chief Executive.[11][12]

Awakening from his comatose state, Stone unsuccessfully tried to regain control of Alchemax from his son who, in the meantime, has decided to keep his position to use Alchemax's resources in a better way than his father did. After having doctors declaring Tyler disable, Miguel ordered security to bring his father out of the Alchemax Building.[21] As the new C.E.O. of Alchemax, Miguel O'Hara first formed a small personal Board composed by his Department Heads.[2] After unrevealed circumstances, Tyler Stone regained control of Alchemax, back in the C.E.O.'s seat.[22]

Board Membership

Avatarr's Original Board of Directors

Avatarr's Second Board of Directors

Updated to Ravage 2099 #1's events

Avatarr's Third Board of Directors

Updated to Ravage 2099 #11's events

Avatarr's Fourth Board of Directors

Updated to events happened before Doom 2099 #30-31's White House meeting

Federal Board of Directors

Updated to the events of Doom 2099 #31 and Spider-Man 2099 #34

Miguel O'Hara's Board of Directors

Formed when Miguel O'Hara took over as C.E.O. at the end of Spider-Man 2099 #41

Executive Officers

Alchemax Director-General

Alchemax Chairman of the Board

Alchemax Chief Executive Officer

Alchemax Owners

Vice President, Research & Development

Chief Executive Officer, Eco Central

Vice President, Public Eye Unlimited

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