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Alchemist is a long-lived mutant who for decades has studied other mutants from her nation of England, with a vision of the Mutants (Homo superior) human relationship very similar to that of Professor X.[1]

It is because of this vision that when Shadowcat and Pete Wisdom began the investigation into a mutant serial killer, she violently objected to advancing the case and making it public, since this fact would generate discrimination against mutants in his country will increase, possibly making the persecution of English mutants more serious than that suffered by mutants in America.[1]

Alchemist was finally arrested by the English authorities, being the last time he was seen, her current status is unknown.



Transmutation: She has the ability to alter the chemical composition of anything she touches into its elemental components.

Longevity: According to her statement she has lived for decades and decades studying mutants in England. [1]

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