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Strangling the serpents

Alcmena was the daughter of King Electryon of Mycenae, son of Perseus, and of his wife Anaxo,[2] circa 13th BC.[citation needed]

She was married to Amphitryon, general of Thebes, Greece. Alcmena was seduced by Zeus, the king of the Oympian Gods, who had taken the form of her husband. She gave birth to Hercules and it was after the birth that Alcmena and Amphitryon learned that Zeus was the father. Hera the wife of Zeus was insanely jealous of her husband's infidelity and she sent two snakes to kill the child, but were strangled by the already strong baby Hercules.[3] After the young baby Hercules killed the two snakes sent to kill him his parents went to Tiresias for advice. He revealed the truth of Hercules true parentage and that Zeus created him to be the champion of mankind. He saw his many future battles including one against the Hulk.[4]

She died in 1239 B.C.[5]

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