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Ald Turmis[1] or Thurmis was a thief[2] from Thurdis.[1]


Ald Thurmis was hired by the false priest Kaman Thuu to steal the Mirror of Zaffar from Athmar Phong, but was captured by the Demon of Zangabal and imprisoned in his dungeon for weeks, until he met Thongor, hired by the same employer and for the same purpose, and captured as well by the demon.

Fred by Thongor, the two started explore the dungeon for Thongor's sword and the mirror. Facing the demon, they were able to stall it long enough for Thongor to recover the talisman known as the Shield of Cathloda and banish the monster back to Hell.

Athmar Phong returned, and started changing them in stone statues, while presenting to them the black mirror, holding captive Aqquoonkagua, prince of Hell. Thongor managed to throw the talisman at the mirror, unleashing the demon who slain Athmar Phong and left.[2]

For eight months, Thongor led Ald into many adventures, until their arrival in Thurdis, the Dragon City.[1]

Back in Thurdis

Ald Thurmis rescued Thongor when he was in jail in Thurdis after slaying Thurdan nobleman, captain and prince Jeled Malkh in a tavern.

After freeing him, Ald Thurmis bid his farewells, as he intended to remain in his home-city.[1]


Ald Thurmis invoked the names of the Nineteen Gods and the Gods of Zangabal.[2]




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