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Aldo Ferro bargained with the Weapon X Program, developing memory implants for the promise of their anti-aging factor. However, the project reneged on the deal, and the aging Ferro was left to depend on his cybernetics to stay alive. Maverick was assigned to protect Ferro after the other Team X members learned the truth. However, Maverick betrayed Ferro, who fought against all the former Weapon X subjects.[2]

During the battle, he psychically controlled Sabretooth into killing Silver Fox, later disappearing from the battle.[3]

He made an alliance with Sabretooth, who then helped him escaping from the United States.[4]


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Psi-Borg's cybernetics give him enhanced strength, speed, endurance, reflexes, and armored protection; he has the ability to psionically alter memories and perceptions as well as 'scrambling' the alpha waves in others' brains.


Skill in technology and neuroscience.

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