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Angela was the long lost daughter of Odin. Angela disappeared for years in the previously unknown Tenth realm of Heaven where she grew up.

Odin had been looking for her for many years and the rest of her family wasn't even aware she existed. When Malekith stole the Casket of Ancient Winters, Angela started tracking him down to stop him from using it.

Eternal Winter

Angela and Thor followed Malekith to Midgard when he decided to use the Casket's power to conquer the planet. They recruited A-Force to help them and together with the Avengers they fought off Malekith and his army of Dark Elves and Frost Giants.

At the Avengers Academy Angela reacquainted herself with her father and met her siblings for the first time. She got help from her brother Loki when she decided to go to Hel and free her girlfriend soul from Hela, she was able to get to Sera, but when they tried to leave Hel, Sera wasn't able to leave since her soul was trapped in there. Angela had to escape from the incoming Hela's forces, but promised Sera she would come back to free her.

Somewhere during the time she was lost she was a student at the Cosmic Conservatory.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Angela of Earth-616.



Xiphos the Sword of the Stars, Blades of Ichor

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