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Alec Dalton was enhanced through a British Super Soldier program like the one Nuke had gone through. He was given superhuman strength and endurance. He had his appendix replaced with an artificial organ that secreted mood-altering chemicals, as appropriate. The program was cancelled while Dalton was away on a mission trying to subdue a fellow super soldier that had gotten addicted to the chemicals.[citation needed]

Dalton was taken in by Buddhist monks, who trained him to meditate. In this way, Dalton gained additional mental abilities like astral projection and the ability to telepathically link his nervous system to someone else's. He could even send his astral body into electronic devices.[citation needed]

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Strength: Dalton gained superhuman strength as a result of the enhancement he went through.
  • Astral Projection: Thanks to his training by Buddhist monks, he had the power of astral projection and could link his nervous system to other people's. He could also send his astral form into electronic equipment.


Dalton was trained in martial arts and the use of firearms.

Physical Strength

Dalton possessed superhuman strength to an unknown degree.

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