Early years

Alec Dupledge was born from Tatiana Izukio and Henri Dupledge. During the Pollution Wars he fought in the Confederation of World Industries as soldier in the Green Berets under the command of Paul-Philip Ravage.[1] He was made officer of the Eco Central Police after the war.

Meet with the Beast-Man

During a raid on the decred community of the Barrio, he encountered the Beast-Man (unbeknownst to him it was his former officer) .[1] Three of his men were slain by Ravage before he left.

During Jean-Claude Ravage's funeral, two monsters appeared, attacking each other. In reality, it was a Sensory Facsimile, a microchip projecting tangible hologram send by Alchemax's Fearmaster who had camouflaged Wes Ravage and his daughter Miranda, Dupledge's fiancée, into humanoids abominations.

Ravage was forced to revert to his monster appearance without being seen by Dupledge, and confronted both the monsters and Dupledge. He quickly began to presume a link between Ravage and the Beast-Man.

He was also conspiring with Miranda against Ravage's leadership on Green Globe after Jean-Claude's death, because of his fiancée's wish to became head of the family company and her hatred of her dad and brothers for running the business without her.




He possess a platinum-carder[2]

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