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Alecia was the princess of Yugoslavia. One day, she was kidnapped by the Pixies, a dwarfish race that had kidnapping people of Yugoslavia for so long that became legend in Yugoslavia. The Pixies kidnapped Alecia so she could become the bride of their king. Alecia's father asked Abysmian ruler Rockman to get her back. Rockman went into the Pixies' domain but was captured by them. So, Rockman called for the assistance of his fellow Abysmians who overwhelmed the Pixies. The Pixies' king, seeing that he was going to lose, tried to kill Alecia but was stopped by Rockman. Rockman then installed an Abysmian as the Pixies' Prime Minister to stop the Pixies' incursions on Yugoslavia and returned Alecia to her father.[1] Alecia's history after that is unrevealed.

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