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Aleister Kane was a former friend and ally of Doctor Strange. His studies began to focus on combining science and magic and it was this strange and oftentimes malevolent experiments eventually drove the pair apart. One of his experiments he tried to open a portal to the Higher Dimension. He was successful, but the Keepers of the Great Silver Gate who condemned him to be trapped in an unnamed dimension, tormented on a force-wheel of light. They became the masters of Aleister's subconscious, channeling their power through it, harassing him with monsters born from his own twisted psyche. Aleister was able to contact Doctor Strange who eventually deciphered the message and it was from Aleister. Doctor Strange traveled to the same dimension and was unable to save Aleister physically but saved his sould by destroying the wheel encasing him. Aleister was seemingly killed upon being freed.[1]



Used mirrors in an attempt to magnify the sorcerous powers he employed.

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