Quote1 Aleksei Sytsevich; Currently serving a life sentence. He is... most eager to join us. Quote2
-- Mr. Fiers src

Aleksei Sytsevich, along with a number of other criminals, stole an Oscorp truck delivering plutonium. After rampaging through Manhattan, Aleksei was finally stopped by Spider-Man and incarcerated. Having not only been caught by Spider-Man, but also humiliated by having his pants pulled down, he swore vengeance.

Sometime later, Aleksei was approached in prison by Mr. Fiers, subsequently being broken out and given a rhino-like mech suit to wreak havoc in the city. However, Spider-Man arrived to battle him once more.[1]


  • Rhino Armor


  • Various high-powered weaponry within the Rhino Armor

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