Quote1.png You and me got a score to settle. You shoulda stayed in black, cause I'm gonna dirty you up bad. Quote2.png
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Rhino was a hired muscle for the Kingpin, and was ordered to steal the Prometheum X from John Jameson's shuttle, which had made an emergency landing on the George Washington Bridge. Spider-Man attempted to stop him, but Rhino knocked Spider-Man down and was about to crush him before Kingpin ordered him to return immediately. Before he left, Spider-Man managed to attach a Spider-Tracer to him.

Rhino was later sent to steal control rods made of lidium 90 from a government repository. Spider-Man arrived to battle him, now wearing the alien symbiote, and was far stronger and more aggressive. Spider-Man nearly crushed Rhino under a heavy metal door, but managed to restrain himself when he saw Rhino begging for his life. Rhino left their battle petrified of the wall-crawler.

What he lacked in intelligence, he made up for with brute strength and a huge horn on top of his head. Rhino was loyal to the Kingpin, and refused to reveal any information about his employer to Spider-Man. He chose to suffer prison rather than squeal on his boss. This loyalty was rewarded when Kingpin offered the Rhino a part in his Insidious Six, a team of supervillains he created for the sole purpose of killing Spider-Man.


Seemingly those of the Aleksei Sytsevich of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Aleksei Sytsevich of Earth-616.


The Rhino possesses poor intelligence. When the Kingpin sent an artificial Spider-Man to test the Insidious Six's abilities and they succeeded in destroying it, Rhino unwittingly came to the conclusion that all the time Spider-Man was actually a robot before Doctor Octopus corrected him.


Rhino suit

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