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The history of Earth-TRN566's Aleksei Sytsevich has similarities to that of the Sytsevich from Earth-92131. At some point, he became the Rhino, and began working for the Kingpin. When John Jameson's shuttle (which was carrying the newly discovered element "Prometheum X") was to hit the George Washington Bridge, Kingpin called in Rhino to retrieve the Promethium.[1] The Rhino successfully completed his mission despite an encounter with Spider-Man, who was too distracted with saving the astronauts to pursue Aleksei.

Alistaire Smythe needed to get special control rods to show potential buyers the power of the Promethium X, so Kingpin sent Rhino out to retrieve them from a miltary outpost. Rhino encountered Spider-Man again at the outpost, but this time, the wall-crawler was wearing a new alien symbiote suit (unknowingly acquired while in contact with Jameson's shuttle) that made him stronger and more aggressive. Spider-Man came close to killing Rhino before regaining his senses.[2]

After Rhino recovered, he and Shocker (who also had a grudge against the symbiote-wearing Spider-Man) teamed up for a rematch against the webslinger (this time without his symbiote). Both came close to finishing Spider-Man off before Venom arrived and took them out of commission.[3]

But afterwards, history diverged from Earth-92131 further as Rhino lost his job with Kingpin for his failures, with word going around that Rhino had become weak and unemployable as muscle.[4] In retaliation, Rhino went on a rampage and kidnapped John Jameson, part of his plan to get back to the top and destroy Spider-Man. He demanded Jameson give him information on the symbiote that traveled in Jameson's shuttle, since Rhino wanted it for himself to become stronger. The Rhino was eventually defeated by Spider-Man, who used a formula created by Dr. Peale that would weaken the Rhino's tough exterior.[4]

When the universe was destroyed, Rhino died along the other people in Earth.[5]

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Seemingly those of the Aleksei Sytsevich of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Aleksei Sytsevich of Earth-616.



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