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Alephs were robots built by the Builders to exterminate undesirable species. Originally, they carried the eggs of a Gardener and an Abyss,[1] but the Builders had discontinued these systems upon creating the newuniversal structure.[2]

When the incursions threatened the Multiverse, the Builders attempted to stop the incursions by destroying the Earth.[3] In the Builder War, the Alephs served as the Builders' main combatants.[4] However, the Builders lost the war and the Alephs were destroyed on Earth-616.[5] Later, the rest of the Alephs across the Multiverse were destroyed when they investigated the incursions and found the Beyonders.[6]


Aleph (Garden) (Earth-616), Ex Nihilo (Earth-616), and Abyss (Ex Nihilo) (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 5 2 001

An Aleph carrying a Gardener (left) and an Abyss (right)

The Alephs were a species of robotic creatures created by the Builders. Their mission was to purge the species which would be unfit in their vision of the universe. An Aleph carried the eggs of a Gardener and an Abyss, whose tasks when they grow up were to create and judge new life.[1]

The Garden[]

An Aleph arrived on Mars along with Ex Nihilo and Abyss. The life-giving Ex Nihilo created a Garden on the red planet and later flung Origin Bombs at the nearby planet of Earth, which Aleph was considering to raze. The Avengers went to Mars to confront the trio but were defeated. Expanding its roster, the Avengers returned with Captain Universe, who commanded Ex Nihilo and Abyss to stop. Their Aleph refused and was destroyed.[7]


Ex Nihilo's creations on Earth broadcasted a message to space: "System failure. Multiversal fracture point. World terminal." This message was received by an Aleph.[8] The Builders gathered their armada and began to head straight to the Earth in order to destroy it.[4] While the Builders' true goal was to save the universe from the incursions,[2][3] they also attacked, conquered, and forced the submission of every planet along their path, seeing it as a cleansing.[9]

A resistance formed by the Galactic Council and the Avengers opposed the Builders but were losing. However, the Gardeners abandoned the Builders and restored Captain Universe, the Builders' Great Mother. She arrived at the Builder Command Vessel and personally defeated the Builders, but one escaped and ordered the Alephs to auto-destroy everything.[10] The universe banded together and prevailed over the Alephs.[5]

Time Runs Out[]

Gardeners, Alephs, and Henry Pym (Earth-616) from New Avengers Vol 3 30 001

The end of the Alephs

Alephs from other realities continued to exist, re-purposed by the Builders as they searched for the Source of the Incursions.[3][11] However, when they found the Beyonders, their enemy was far too powerful and the Alephs were slaughtered along with their Builder masters.[6]

Powers and Abilities


Energy Projection: They can fire potent energy beams from their eyes and hands.

Super Strength:


Shared Code: If an Aleph is destroyed, it will live on in the shared code of other Alephs.[12]



  • The Aleph (ℵ) is the first symbol or letter on the Phoenician and derivative abjads (essentially an alphabet without vowels, outside of vowels done through diacritics marking the consonantal onset of a syllable), representing a glottal stop (ʔ) or hiatus.

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