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Alessandro Brannex was the C.E.O. of the terrorist organization A.I.M., headquartered in the island-country Boca Caliente (which was publically controlled by A.I.M.). One of Brannex's assets was the cyborg manager M.O.D.A.M..[1]

When Stark Industries decided to get rid of its nuclear assets, Stark subsidiary Stane International simply sold the material to A.I.M. Stark C.E.O. Anthony Stark discovered this through his lawyer and VP Felix Alvarez, then fired the board members responsible of selling potential nuclear weapons to terrorists and contacted Brannex to re-buy the material. Brannex told Alvarez he was uninterested in selling that asset even at inflated price.[1]

Stark personally traveled to Boca Caliente in his secret identity as Iron Man and sent a Life-Model Decoy to meet with Brannex. Brannex agreed to meet with Stark, but insisted he was not selling the material. MODAM discovered the mock Stark and sent security forces to destroy it, in front of Brannex.[1]

Soon afterward, the mutant Omega Red raided Boca Caliente in a personal vendetta to kill MODAM. Brannex contacted Iron Man and offered to hire him to save MODAM, but Iron Man insisted he would only accept the nuclear material as payment. Brannex agreed, although he intended to betray Iron Man and kill him - using MODAM as his weapon: Brannex contacted MODAM with his plan and, once Omega Red had been defeated, MODAM fought Iron Man. However, Iron Man defeated MODAM without killing her, then forced Brannex to fulfill his part of the deal.[2]

Afterward, the Super-Adaptoid impersonated Brannex at Boca Caliente during AIM's Project Resurrection to bring back M.O.D.O.K. from the dead.[3][4]

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