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Alex is an amorphous, blob-like mutant who somehow ended up with the Morlocks in the caverns beneath Cypress Hills' Salem Fields Cemetery.[1] It is unknown whether Alex was a male or a female (as Alex can stand for Alexander and Alexandra) and whether or not he/she was actually the sibling Sally stated he/she was.

At some point, Alex and the rest of the Morlocks were instructed to abduct children before Masque could deform them with his powers. Due to their actions, these Morlocks came into conflict with Ghost Rider. When Ghost Rider held Sally hostage, Alex attacked him to force him to release Sally, mistakenly believing Ghost Rider to be Masque or an agent of Masque.[1]

Alex's fate is unknown, including the the events of M-Day.



Alex's body.

Goo Body: Alex is an amorphous, blob-like creature, able to engulf and smother others.

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