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Alex Wilder is the sole child of Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder. Due to his parents being closely affiliated with the members of the charity organization PRIDE, Alex grew up befriending the members' children. They stayed close friends for several years, well into their teenage years, until one of their friends Amy Minoru, who was also Nico's older sister, died after apparently committing suicide.[2] The group's relation started to break apart, which finally came to an end when Alex, for unknown reasons, decided not to attend Amy's funeral.


Alex Wilder (Earth-199999) from Marvel's Runaways Season 2 promo art 001.jpg

After being encouraged by his parents to get back together with his former friends, Alex tried to invite them for a get-together during their parents' annual PRIDE meeting. They initially declined, but later decided to attend after their days didn't go as originally planned. When Chase decided to raid the Wilder's liquor cabinet, they accidentally stumbled across a secret entrance to a previously unknown cellar, where they come across their parents performing a sacrificial ritual. Molly tried to take a picture of the event, but the flash from her camera made their parents aware of their presence, forcing the kids to flee the scene.[3]


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