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Alexa Volkoff was a soldier and pilot for the Russian Army during World War II, Alexa was also member of the secret group, the Daughters of Liberty, to which she recruited Peggy Carter.[1]

As Night Witch

After the war, Alexa operated as Night Witch, a member of the 1940s Soviet Super-Soldiers who set out to kidnap Klaus Fuchs (who may have been a Russian spy) from his research facility in England, but were confronted by Captain America and the All-Winners Squad. They managed to escape but lost Fuchs.[2]

She had an active role in the brainwashing of Bucky Barnes into the Winter Soldier.[1]

Power Elite



Alexa Lukin died.[3]


  • "Night Witch" is likely a reference to the real life all-female regiment of Russian aviators, dubbed by the German forces as the Night Witches.

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