Alexander Apex was a gambler who used his telepathic abilities to hustle casinos all over the world, reading the minds of his opponents to defeat them. He was eventually caught in a casino in Macau, China, and given the choice to either be disposed of in the middle of the ocean, or work for them.

From then on, Apex began playing secretly in behalf of the casino, to ensure they didn't lose any money by winning every tournament. Apex met his most challenging rival when Matt Murdock entered a tournament under the alias of "Laurent Levasseur" and made it to the final. Murdock's blindness prevented Apex from seeing Matt's cards, and his psychic defenses protected him from Apex's mental attacks. Both rivals eventually battled both with cards and minds. In the end, Apex lost both confrontations, and got knocked out due to the strain.[1]


Telepathy: Alexander Apex is a telepath.[1] The extent and origin of his abilities are both unknown.

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