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Quote1.png My name is Alexander Nathaniel Summers. I have risked everything by contacting you at this point in history, father. You are my last, best and only hope. Quote2.png
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Alexander Nathaniel Summers was the son of Cable and Ororo Munroe. Not much is known about his early life, except that his mother died at a very young age, leaving his father to raise him alone.[1] He lived in the X-Istence, a realm where Mutants and Altanteans lived together after the Catalyst began to destroy all of Mutantkind. As he grew older his father trained him to use his mutant abilities, and develop his telepathic resistance to prevent his opponents from probing his thoughts. [2] Alexander eventually joined the X-Command and was given the rank of Major, and was tasked with protecting the X-istence whilst the rest of X-Command went to look for the Catalyst.[2]

Alexander Nathaniel Summers.

After the X-Entiel went missing and the X-Istence began to fall apart, M'koy and the Major used Motherbike to travel to the past to search for the X-Entiel's past self to restore the X-Istence. After a brief struggle with X-Force and Wolverine, the Major was attacked by Dreadpool who was hired by the Watchtower. After Dreadpool was driven away, thanks to the intervention of Deadpool, the Major finally revealed his identity to everyone of the past and his motive for travelling back in time.[3]



Much like his powerful mutant parents Cable and Storm, Alexander Nathaniel Summers is a mutant with the following powers, including but not limited to:

  • Weather Manipulation[3][4]
    • Electrokinesis: He is capable of absorbing and manipulate various forms of energy like electricity, similar to his mother.[1][3] He can also use this ability to tap into the EM Spectrum to a certain extent.[2]
  • Telekinesis: Quite similar to his father, Alex possesses adept level telekinesis, enabling him to move and manipulate objects with his mind.[3]
  • Telepathy & Telepathic Resistance[3]
    • Telepathic Cloaking[3]




  • Motherbike


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