Alexander Summers and Scott Summers (Earth-81727) from What If? Vol 1 27 0001


Havok and the rest of the X-Men were shocked to find out that the Dark Phoenix had survived Jean Grey's Shi'ar lobotomy.

As they confronted her over her consuming a star with inhabited planets Jean transformed into Dark Phoenix and battled the X-Men and killed each of them one at a time. With the last three X-Men still able to attack, they quickly formulated a plan where Polaris would distract her as Havok and Cyclops flanked her ready to take her down to save the world. Dark Phoenix proved to be quicker than they anticipated and Polaris was vaporized, which prompted Havok to attack prematurely and Cyclops to hesitate. That moment's hesitation cost Cyclops dearly as she telekinetically blew a hole in Havok's chest, killing him slowly.


Seemingly those of Alexander Summers (Earth-616)#Powers.

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