Alex Summers' history on Earth-9997 mostly matched that of his Earth-616 counterpart.

Alex was a mainstay in the X-Men who at some point left the team with his lover, fellow mutant Polaris. It is unknown if the two left the X-Men before or after the group's disbandment following the mutation of the entire human race, or the death of Professor Xavier following the birth of the Skull.

At some point, Havok and Polaris left Earth to join Alex's father, the space pirate Corsair. The trio eventually returned to Earth's solar system aware of some grave danger that would soon be threatening Earth (presumably the coming of the Celestials). They tried to convince Alex's brother Scott Summers to leave Earth with them. Scott refused because he was searching for Jean Grey at the time.

Three years later, after the danger had passed, Alex (along with Polaris and Corsair) returned to Earth to attend the wedding of Captain Britian and Medusa. There they had a reunion with other surviving members of the X-Men. [1]


Seemingly those of Alexander Summers of Earth-616.

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