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Quote1.png She's had a lot of names throughout the years. In my lifetime, Alexandra. And she's led them since the beginning. Quote2.png



The woman later known as Alexandra was born centuries, maybe millenia ago. During her "first life", she had a daughter, who passed away at a young age.[2] Lost and looking for answers about life and death itself, she eventually found her way to K'un-Lun. Alongside four others, she was banished because of their search for immortality. Together, they became the five fingers of The Hand.[1]

Alexandra was the chief officer of The Hand, handling business deals and manipulating governments.[3]

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In the early 21st century, Alexandra was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and without more "Substance" she was finally facing death.[4] In a final attempt to save herself, she used the last remaining stores of the "Substance" to resurrect the Black Sky and gathered the fingers of The Hand.[5] Together they worked to undercover a dragon skeleton under Manhattan. Facing dissension among The Hand and opposition from the Defenders and Stick, Alexandra was unceremoniously murdered by Elektra and decapitated post-mortem to prevent resurrection.[6]

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  • Expert Martial Artist: Alexandra appears to have extensive martial arts training.[5]
  • Multilingualism: Alexandra speaks fluent English and Japanese. It is likely that she speaks other languages.[5]


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