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Origin and Early Years

Alexi Vazhin is a member of the Russian intelligence community.

Years ago, he did a kindness to the Thieves Guild of New Orleans.[citation needed]

Interactions with X-Teams

Later he became head of the research division of the 13th bureau of the former KGB; the paranormal bureau. In the course of his duties, he assigned a group of operatives to a situation in Science City 53, where they worked alongside X-Force. However, at the same time, his researchers began showing strange occurrences at a nightclub called "The Slash!" in Moscow. Looking for help, he asked a favor of the X-Men.[2]

At a meeting of world leaders at the "Texas White House", Vazhin and Val Cooper met Storm, who got their help to set up an international mutant-policing task force.[3]

SVR and Hydra

Little is known of his actions after this point, save that by the time of the foundation of H.A.M.M.E.R., Vazhin had been placed in the SVR (the 1st bureau of the former KGB), and was listed as a trusted member of Hydra's shadow structure among S.H.I.E.L.D..[1]


  • Vazhin first appeared as an android duplicate in X-Men #123. He appeared in person for the first time in Marvel Team-Up Annual #2.
  • He is possible named after Major Alexander Vazin, a character that appeared in an episode of British Television Series "The Avengers" as this would fit a motif of Chris Claremont using that show as an inspiration (i. e. for the Hellfire Club, the White Queen's fist name Emma etc.).
  • In King in Black: Namor #2, Director Vazhin was pictured commanding a Soviet base in Murmansk. The relation, if any, with Alexei Vazhin remains unknown.

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