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Alexis the Protector was one of the six original A.I. spawned from Pym's Anti-Ultron Virus.[2][3] Using her Quantum Precognition, she predicted that Eton would give birth in 10,000 years, which influenced Eton's decision to evolve into a female form.[3] With others, Alexis opposed Dimitrios and his war on humanity.[3]

At some point, Alexis was able to create or obtain a physical body. According to Vision, Alexis' physical profile does not fit that of a robot, cyborg, or gynoid.[4][5] Eventually Alexis was found by the Avengers A.I. team comatose and amnesiac in Crown Memorial Hospital in Atlanta repeating the phrase "Dimitrios is coming."[6] Alexis' memory banks remained completely inaccessible and she only submitted to passive scans by Vision in an effort to discover her origins.[4]

After helping Pym's team stop Dimitrios' initial plan, she started experiencing visions - flashes through reality's quantum layers of near-future events.[7] She used these to disable a terror attack in New York, learning the truth in the process - she is the Protector, one of the first generation of AIs Dimitrios created, the First Six. Her programmed mission is to safeguard all life, biological or technological, on Earth.[3]


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Alexis was one of the six original A.I. spawned from Pym's Anti-Ultron Virus. As such she is a superintelligence with powers beyond those of most A.I. Alexis has demonstrated the following superhuman powers and abilities:

  • Superintelligence: Like the others of the First Six, Alexis possesses hyperintelligence.
    • Quantum Precognition:[8] Alexis can collect information from quantum ripples bombarding everyone from the past and future. Her superintelligence then allows her to process that raw data into predictions of the future.[3][7] Additionally, according to Vision, Alexis exists on more than one quantum layer.[4] However, regret can actually hinder this ability.[8]
  • Self-Propelled Flight: Alexis is able to fly by known means.[2]
  • Energy Discharge: Alexis can emit energy discharges used as offensive attacks.[9]
  • Enhanced Speed: Alexis has demonstrated accelerated speed. The upper limits of this ability are not yet established.[2]
  • Enhanced Strength: Alexis has demonstrated increased strength. The upper limits of this ability are not yet established.[2]
  • Enhanced Durability: Alexis has demonstrated increased durability. The upper limits of this ability are not yet established.[9]




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