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Alf, Volume 1
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Cancelled Series
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1988, 03
1988, March
1992, 02
1992, February
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Paul Fusco (creator)
Michael Gallagher (writer)
Dave Manak (artist)
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ALF, based on the sitcom of the same name as well as the animated prequel series that shared its title, was published as part of the Star Comics imprint beginning in 1987, running for four years, spanning 50 issues and half a dozen specials.

The comic loosely followed the continuity of the television show (though it featured alternate takes on certain episodes, like the birth of Eric Tanner) and featured numerous parodies of Marvel Comic characters and other pop culture parodies in the form of "Melmac Flashbacks". Towards the end of the series, when the cancellation of the series was imminent, the series took a highly critical position towards Marvel Comics and then Marvel Editor-In-Chief Tom DeFalco.

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