Almost nothing has been revealed about the history of the ganglord known as Black Alfred. Alfred was invited to the funeral of a well known ganglord, Big Louie. During the funeral, Malachi Toomes, who was overseeing the event, announced that his uncle had proclaimed himself the new Kingpin of Crime after Wilson Fisk's retirment. Toomes elaborated that Big Louie failed to recognized his uncle as the new boss, and he was killed because of it.[1]

As a way to prove their loyalty, Toome's uncle gave the funeral guests, including Alfred, assignments to steal rare objects to decorate his new headquarters. However, Alfred had no intention of bowing to the mystery man, and instead began working to eliminate other funeral guests in order to eliminate potential competition in his own rise to power. After having his men dispatch of low-rung criminal Harry Dolenz in Chinatown, Alfred had one of his henchmen, Herman, lure Mancini, a rival ganglord, and one of his goons into an ambush at the train tracks. Alfred and two other henchman opened fire, causing Mancini and his man to jump on the train tracks to escape, only to be electrocuted by touching the third rail.[1]

Finally eliminating all those he saw as threats, Black Alfred made his way back to the funeral home where Malachi Toomes was staying. When Alfred burst inside, he discovered that Malachi and his uncle, who turned out to be none other than The Vulture, had captured Spider-Man, and chained him to a coffin and were preparing to cremate him alive as a large number of criminals watched. Alfred attacked Malachi and The Vulture, and while the crowd was distracted by the fight, Spider-Man managed to escape.[2]

Alfred, Malachi and The Vulture took their fight to the alley behind the funeral home where Alfred pulled out a handgun and shot Malachi dead. Enraged by witnessing his only relative's murder, The Vulture went into a blind rage and savagely beat Alfred. Spider-Man soon emerged from the funeral home, causing The Vulture to flee. Seeing that Alfred was bloody and beaten, and by no means a threat, Spider-Man left him on the ground and took off to chase down The Vulture.[2]

Presumably, Black Alfred was picked up by police and remains in custody.



Strength level

Black Alfred possesses the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in intense regular exercise. He claims that he engages in two hours of continuous exercise and weight-lifting every day.

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