Quote1 Alfredo, please show some self-respect. I honestly don't understand your reaction, Alfredo. I literally named you "Alfredo the Chicken." Is it that much of a surprise that you'd end up as a nice piece of chicken alfredo?? Quote2
-- Melissa Morbeck src

Alfredo the Chicken appeared to be Melissa Morbeck's pet rooster when she showed it to Doreen Green, demonstrating her ability to communicate with animals in the process. In reality, she simply acquired Alfredo to eventually have Chef Bear cook him into a chicken alfredo.

While Chef Bear was prepping to cook Alfredo, he escaped.[1] Chef Bear gave chase,[2] but they eventually settled their differences with the help of a lawyer, and fell in love in the process.[3] They married soon afterwards.[4]

  • Alfredo and Chef Bear's marriage was officiated by a rabbi, and Alfredo was wearing a kippah and a tallit, the traditional attire for a groom in a Jewish wedding.[3]

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