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Alfredo Morelli was a friend of Richard Fisk, formerly the Schemer. Together they hatched a plot to overthrow Richard's father, the Kingpin, along with Ned Leeds, who they believed to be the Hobgoblin. While Richard and Ned openly manipulated the criminal underworld as Rose and Hobgoblin, Alfredo acted behind-the-scenes to aid their schemes. However, the Hobgoblin was really Roderick Kingsley, who used a brainwashed Ned as a body double to lure Richard and Alfredo into the scheme. When things went south, Ned was killed and Kingsley abandoned the Hobgoblin identity, leaving Richard and Alfredo to fend for themselves.[1]

In their second plot against Wilson Fisk, Alfredo had his face surgically altered in order to look just like Richard. However, when the Kingpin was overthrown by the combined forces of Daredevil and Hydra, Alfredo betrayed his old friend by maintaining that he was truly Richard, and took over as the new Kingpin. Richard then became the vigilante Blood Rose, and began gunning down criminals in a bloody purge of the city. The Blood Rose even shot and wounded Alfredo, leaving him adrift at sea.[2]

Washing up on a deserted island, Alfredo met a survivalist named Trench who helped whip him back into fighting shape. Alfredo discovered Trench was hiding a suit of nanotech armor, and stole one of the gauntlets before returning to New York. Calling himself Gauntlet, Alfredo battled the Blood Rose and other factions on an insane quest for power. He was ultimately defeated by Trench, as Nightwatch, and incarcerated.[3]

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Alfredo Morelli is skilled in hand-to-hand combat.


Recent revelations about Nightwatch from She-Hulk (Vol. 3) #12 raise questions about whether Alfredo ever became Gauntlet, or if the events happened in a very different manner.

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