Algon was the son of the sorcerer Taboo who tried to turn him into an instrument of power through the use of a spell in the Darkhold. The spell, however, was interrupted halfway through its completion by the citizens of a nearby Transylvanian village led by Jack Russell's father, Gregory Russoff.

Algon was grotesquely mutated by the spell but his body was left a mindless husk by the interruption. Taboo was able to escape with his son's body, but was forced to leave behind his copy of the Darkhold which was taken by Gregory who became an expert on the occult. For twenty years Taboo searched for the Darkhold until he found Jack Russell, Werewolf by Night, and with the help of his ward, Topaz, captured him and tried to force him to reveal the location of the Darkhold. As far as Russell knew, the Darkhold had been destroyed months earlier, though Taboo thought he was lying and tried to learn the book's location from Russell's step-father Philip. During the ensuing struggle between the Werewolf and Taboo, Topaz accidently transferred the consciousness of Phillip Russell into the body of Algon, granting the monstrosity sentience[1]. The Werewolf was able to escape and Jack planned to come back the next night to stop Taboo.

Taboo later summoned up the power of Topaz and transferred it to Algon, who obeyed all of Taboo's order, and conferred upon him the power of transmutation which turned everything he touched into gold. After the Werewolf had returned they battled and Algon turned a large statue of Budda into gold. The statue, however, became too heavy to be supported by its concrete base and it toppled, crushing Taboo. The battle between the two supernatural combatants eventually toppled Taboo's entire headquarters down onto the two combatants. Algon was killed in the ensuing destruction, the consciousnesses of Phillip and Topaz returned to their true bodies. The Werewolf somehow survived the destruction[2].


Algon possessed superhuman strength and durability. He also briefly possessed the power of transmutation, able to turn anything he touched into gold.


Algon's body required another person's mind in order to possess sentience. Even then, he possessed little ability for thought himself, almost entirely carrying out the orders of his father.

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