Algrim was a resident of Svartalfheim when the Frost Giants attacked and devastated the planet until nothing grew anymore. Algrim and the rest of the Dark Elves first asked for the help of Odin of Asgard, and when he refused they turned to Surtur who would later lose to Odin.

Algrim was taken in by Odin after the war and became a helpful servant and advisor to the king. He became a good friend to Thor Odinson and was trusted by Thor to keep secret of his journey to find the Sword of Surtur. He later reassures Odin that he is a good father by reminiscing on his own time as a father and how he never got the chance to see his children grow up, but comforts Odin in the notion that keeping them too close is what drives them away.

Later when the Frost Giants prepare for war at the foot of the Asgardian Kingdom, Algrim informs Odin that they must find the Odinsons before the Frost Giants do. He volunteers to go on a quest with the Einherjar and return to Svartalfheim to retrieve the sword and the boys. Though when Algrim and the Einherjar arrived and retrieved the sword from Thor, he reminisced on the past of his people and realized that he is a survivor for a reason: to avenge his people and punish those responsible.

After taking the sword, and destroying the Einherjar, he returns to Asgard to finally confront Odin. After burning Odin's right eye a fight ensues between him and Odin as the Frost Giants began their war on Asgard. Before Algrim can finally strike Odin down, he is stopped by a Gungnir wielding Thor. After a battle between the two, Thor is able to pin Algrim against a wall with Gungnir and states that he will not kill him because he cannot forget of all the years Algrim had been like family. Loki however is not as forgiving and uses the Sword of Surtur to completely obliterate Algrim, leaving nothing behind.[1]



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