Disappearing without a trace into a powerful Norwegian storm, Russian scientist and friend of Sigurd Stark, Algrim Vanko, was ambushed by a squadron of Dark Elves and converted into a Thrall for them, guarding their prisoner, Eitri, the Weapon-Smith, and becoming the Krimson Kurse.

Two months later Stark disappeared into a similar storm and was besieged by the same Dark Elves, yet upon recognizing Stark from the 'Before-Time' the Krimson Kurse opted to have him made prisoner alongside Eitri.

Whilst in captivity, Stark and Eitri hatched a plan to use their weapons against the Dark Elves, and Eitri sacrificed himself in order to allow Stark weild their crafted weapon and become the Iron Hammer. The Iron Hammer swiftly dispatched the Dark Elves before taking the fight to the Krimson Kurse, discovering his identity, and ultimately kiling him.[1]


  • Krimson Kurse Armor

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