Algrim Vanko was a Russian scientist and friend of Sigurd Stark. He disappeared without a trace into a powerful Norwegian storm, after which he was ambushed by squadron of Dark Elves, killed, and converted into a Thrall for them, guarding their prisoner Eitri, and becoming the Krimson Kurse.

Two months later, Stark disappeared into a similar storm and was besieged by the same Dark Elves, who prepared to kill him under the orders of Malekith. Kurse intervened, having recognized Stark from the "before-time" and opted to have him made prisoner alongside Eitri. Whilst in captivity, Stark and Eitri hatched a plan to use build a suit of armor for Stark to escape. Their plan worked seamlessly, until Kurse approached Eitri's forge to check on them while Stark was still gathering strength. Eitri sacrificed himself, stalling Kurse long enough to allow Stark wield their crafted weapon and become the Iron Hammer.


Stark swiftly dispatched the Dark Elves before taking the fight to the Krimson Kurse, discovering his identity. So to put free Vanko's spirit from Malekith's control and put him to rest, Iron Hammer impaled the him through the chest, then sent a surge of electricity through his body, reducing Vanko to ash. Vanko's death inspired together with Eitri's sacrifice inspired Stark's hunt for Malekith.[1] Before taking on Malekith, Stark gathered Algrim's ashes and placed them in an urn in the forest next to the buried remains of Eitri.[2]


  • Krimson Kurse Armor

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