Alhambra met Conan in the market town of Syterna, where they had to escape from, after being emprisoned for killing the guards of a local baron. As they made camp outside the city, they were attacked by warriors mounted on giant dragonflies sent by Raksos B'Quen. After the battle, Alhambra told Conan the tale of the war between Akah Ma’at and Ur-Xanarrh and of the recent theft of the Cylinder of Power. They then discovered the castle of the wizard Raskos B’Quen not even a half league from where Thaltar fell to Earth. Going up the front steps they discovered the bled and hanged bodies of the three missing warriors. Raskos appeared and revealed that he tortured them for information on the Cylinder, but he learned nothing until spying on the two of them. He ordered his warriors to kill them. Before Alhambra could use her ring, she was shot by an arrow from behind. With the shaft protruding from her back, Alhambra fell to the ground, and Conan, true to form, slayed the soldiers in a rage. Confronting Conan, the wizard summoned a three headed dragon with a wave of his hand. Conan swiftly slayed the beast, but Raskos escaped behind a stoutly barred door. Conan raced back to Alhambra’s side. She pleaded for Conan to save Akah Ma’at then collapsed unconscious and near dead in his arms[1].

During the aerial battle between the Bird-Men and the Man-Bats, Alhambra reappeared in the nick of time, fully healed and ready for battle, and killed Princess Lyzala with her spear. Alhambra took the unconscious and wounded Conan into her arms and flew him home to his native Cimmeria, depositing Conan on the doorstep of a cabin[2].

Refusing to marry the Ur-Xanarrh monarch to cement the newly forged alliance between their peoples, Alhmbra escaped in Nemedia, where she was captured by some hill-men and sold to Barenzo, a freakshow slaver. Alhambra was then eventually released and helped Conan fight off the Ur-Xanarrh hunting party, but got back to stay with Villardo, a hairy beastlike human[3].

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