The eldest son of Caliph Abu-Ben Ar, Ali-Ben Ar was believed to be the one chosen by Allah himself to unite the peoples of Islam and lead them to their destiny.

He strongly opposed slavery, and released the prisoners taken to his father by a Portoguese pirate, among whom there was Solomon Kane. Wishing to say a prayer to Allah in the mosque before his ultimate journey to the Mountain of Sighs, he there found his dying father, who told him he had been murdered by the Portoguese cutthroats and Solomon Kane. He then confronted and fought the puritan, but changed his mind when Kane saved him from the poisonous bite of the asps lurking in the sacred tomb. Desiring not to be the Prophet anymore, he returned to the royal palace, only to find his beloved Shareen dead by self-induced poisoning[1].


None, human.

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