The man known as Ali Baba was a Nazi agent active during World War II. In the fall of 1943 he was ordered by his superiors to create a counter "underground" in Turkey in response to the various European resistance movements during Nazi occupation. To this end, Ali Baba recruited some of the most ruthless warriors from the Middle East. With this army, he began staging attacks on Turkish cities, prompting the government of Turkey to ask the United States military for assistance. This led to a state of martial law, but this did not hinder Ali Baba's operations. Ali Baba operated out of a Turkish cafe and was unaware that one of his female dancers, a woman named Yanni, was really a spy for Turkish intelligence.

After an American soldier was slain by Ali Baba's men, Captain America and Bucky began investigating the location of these attackers. Yanni attempted to impart information to them, but when Ali Baba and his men learned she was using Morse Code in her tap dancing routine he ordered her killed. Captain America and Bucky came to her rescue and saved her and learned that Ali Baba planned to attack the American military base and use its radios to call a false attack to cause panic.

Tracking Ali Baba to his castle hideout, the two heroes were captured by Ali Baba's men and tied up with Yanni in a secret cave while Ali Baba and his men - disguised as a supply convoy - attempted to smuggle explosives into the American base to destroy it. Captain America, Bucky and Yanni broke free from their bonds and tracked the convoy to a road that passed through a narrow cavern. From the top of the cavern, Captain America and Bucky sent an avalanche down that set off the explosives killing Ali Baba and his minions. [1]


Ali Baba wielded a scimitar.

Ali Baba's name is taken from the fictional character from Arabic literature.

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