Ali Hamud was a Arabian Prince who fled to the Belgian Congo and set up a home there to keep away from his enemies. With the outbreak of World War II, Ali allied himself with the Nazis, building a runway on his property to allow German planes to refuel before moving on to attacking Britain's African colonies. His brother Saba silently opposed this alliance, biding his time for the right time to strike.

When the jungle hero Ka-Zar, in a stolen Nazi plane, spotted a Nazi banner flying on Hamud's property, he landed his plane to investigate. Ali mistook Ka-Zar for Nazi Captain Olendorff and explained the entire operation to Ka-Zar before the real Olendorff arrived. Realizing he had been tricked, Ali had Ka-Zar taken prisoner and tossed into a torture pit where the hero had to fight off warriors and a leopard. Ka-Zar was rescued from the pit by Saba[1].

Shown how to escape by Saba, who planned to blow up the entire estate, Ka-Zar fled. In his escape attempt he clashed once more with Ali Hamud and Captain Oldenorff. During the fight Ka-Zar tossed a burning torch onto Ali Hamud, burning him alive while fleeing the scene in a Nazi bomber just moments before Saba detonated his explosives destroying the castle and all the Nazis inside[2]


Ali Hamud would leave fighting to his subordinates, leaving him vulnerable should they fail to stop an attacker.

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