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Doctor Gregor was an A.I.M. scientist who led an Orchis exhibition team to the Orchis Forge to determine if the station was fully capable of supporting human life before they brought it online. As she directed the rest of her team to spread about the station, Gregor and Omega Sentinel went to the main bridge to assess the functionality of the Mothermold.[1]

After station personnel started to board the Forge, Dr. Gregor was contacted by her husband Captain Mendel about a Shi'ar Scout ship who came into sensor range of the station. Mendel surmised that it was a team of X-Men who came there to shut down their project. Dr. Gregor redirected all the drones that were sent for mining duty back to the Forge to help protect it.

Gregor and Omega Sentinel then came into contact with Nightcrawler who teleported there to locate the collar controls for the docking port. After a brief interlude, Nightcrawler was able to find the locking mechanism to allow their ship to dock with the station. Gregor kept the comms open so her husband could hear what was going on. He headed to one of the main ports and he gave Alia a heartfelt goodbye as he pulled the trigger killing himself while taking the Scout ship with him.[2]

Following the attack, Alia proceeded to build a weapon against mutants and wanting to bring back her husband to life,[3] unaware that she was secretly assisted by Mystique.[4]


  • The surnames of Erasmus and Alia are a reference to Gregor Mendel, the founder of genetics.

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