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Quote1.png I told you when you hired me-- These things-- These things rarely end well. Quote2.png
Jessica Jones

Appearing in "Alias Investigations (Part 1 of 5)"

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  • Miranda Pritchett's "Sister"

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Synopsis for "Alias Investigations (Part 1 of 5)"

Jessica Jones, a private investigator in New York City, meets with a client to hand over evidence that his wife has cheated on him. The evidence also shows that his wife is a mutant, which enrages the client to the point that he attacks Jessica. She reacts by throwing the man through the window of her office door.

Soon after, NYPD officers make out a report on the incident, and discover that she used to work as a costumed superhero alongside the likes of Thor, Iron Man, the Wasp and Ms. Marvel. The incident inspires Jessica to heads to a bar owned by Luke Cage, and the two later return to Cage's apartment to spend an intimate evening together.

The next morning, Jessica returns to her office to find a woman who is desperate to hire Jones to find her sister, Miranda Pritchett. The woman relays a tale of Miranda's youthful indiscretions before discussing her Miranda's attempts at "getting her sh*t together," which include a new boyfriend that she fears her sister has fallen for too quickly. The woman tells Jessica that after explaining her apprehensions to Miranda, her sister disappeared from her apartment and job without a trace.

Jessica claims that people with troubled pasts sometimes go missing in order to make a fresh start, but after the woman insists, Jessica agrees to try. That evening, Jessica runs an Internet search, and discovers that Miranda still lives in New York. She then stakes out Miranda's home until the woman returns with her boyfriend, recording a video as evidence of Miranda's well-being. She also records video of the boyfriend receiving a page and hurrying away, though not through the front door: from the roof, after donning the iconic costume of Captain America.


  • Alias is an ongoing comic series published under Marvel's MAX imprint. The cover to each issue is stamped with an "Explicit Content" parental advisory.


  • This issue reveals that Jessica Jones was once a member of the Avengers.
  • Jessica Jones' relationship with Luke Cage will continue to develop and they will ultimately wed and have a child together.
  • Alias is the first series under the Marvel MAX imprint to feature an entirely unique character.
  • The feature character for this series was originally intended to be Jessica Drew, but the plan was changed and a new "Jessica" was developed for the title.
  • Jessica has a photograph of the Avengers on a wall in her office. In the photo is: Thor, Iron Man, Jessica Jones (as Jewel), Wasp and the Vision. Jessica and Ms. Marvel appear in a second photograph.

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