Alice Gleason was a reporter for the CVN, and Chris Rollins' partner and lover. After the death of Chris at the hands of the new reporter-killing Sin-Eater, Alice overreacted when reporting the news in order to get high ratings. Carnage, whose moral compass had been recently inverted, wanted to be a hero, and interpreted Alice overreation in the news as a sign of having true feelings and being a good person.

When she was targeted by the Sin-Eater, Carnage saved her just in time, and abducted her so she could train him to become a hero.[1] Carnage took Alice to the George Washington Bridge, where he made her agree on helping him be a hero, but Alice made Carnage promise he wouldn't hurt her. Together, they went to a church so Cletus could confess his crimes, she recorded the confession and sent it to her boss, who alerted the authorities, who arrived to the church, but they had already left.

Carnage took Alice to the scene of a bank robbery, where he violently stopped the criminals and set a car on fire. Alice scorned Cletus for his actions, and he soon started trying to put out the fire by breaking a hydrant. They were forced to flee once the police arrived, even though Cletus thought they were there for autographs. As they were escaping, Alice fell from Carnage's grasp, but he managed to cushion the fall. However, while Carnage was still on the heights, the Sin-Eater appeared and took her hostage.[2] In the Sin-Eater's lair, she deduced that he was Emil Gregg before dismissing it, as Spider-Man had revealed Stan Carter to be the original Sin-Eater years ago and Gregg had recently been found dead. The Sin-Eater removed his mask, revealing himself as a "holy ghost."

Carnage stretched the symbiote all over New York to find Alice, rescuing her just in time, and confronted the Sin-Eater. The spirit consumed Kasady's sins until he was overloaded by them and was destroyed, leaving behind a skeleton that crumbled into dust.

Alice repaid Carnage by picking up the Sin-Eater's shotgun and shooting him in the head. When that failed to kill him, Alice revealed that she had lied to and been using him for personal gain before running to the shelter of the newly arrived police and screaming at them to kill Carnage.[3]

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