Alice Gulliver was the daughter of August Wu of the Coral Shore, the magical guardian of Hong Kong, and Detective Sergeant Adam Gulliver. While her mother wanted Alice to pursue a career as a businesswoman working with her grandmother, Madam Lan, she desired to become a member of the police like her father. One night when Alice was a teenager, her mother was killed by a demonic magical assailant. Alice woke up noticing that her hair had changed from her natural brown color to red, the color of her mother's hair.[1] At a later date, her father was killed by one of the Chinese Triads.[2]

August Wu (Earth-616) and Alice Gulliver (Earth-616) from Doctor Strange Last Days of Magic Vol 1 1 001

Alice as a teenager, with dark hair, and her mother

Alice grew up to become a police detective while using the magical abilities inherited from her mother to her advantage. She also used a shorter version of her mother's title, going by the alias of simply "The Wu."[1] She was looking for the demonic killer of her mother while doing her police duties when she met with the Scarlet Witch and they both investigate Dark Tongji's activities. Alice and Wanda confronted the Dark Tongji and his men; however, Alice was unable to match him with magic, and instead tricked him with a regular bullet.[2]


  • Magic: Alice inherited magical affinity from her mother. In order to maintain a low profile, she rarely used magic directly and instead imbued her weaponry with hexes and spells invisible to normal eyes.[1]

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