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Alice woke up one day, having acquired an insect form. She tried to hide, but, unintentionally infected someone, which unleashed a plague of insect-like people.[1]

Meanwhile, A-Force was recovering from Thanos's attack, when they received information from the Inhuman precog Ulysses that Nico would kill someone named Alice. To avoid being arrested, Nico teleported herself to a safe house in Ouray, only to find the city completed crowded with insect-like people.[2]

Alice Michaels (Earth-616) from A-Force Vol 2 9 001.jpg

Elsa Bloodstone then appears and presents Nico to Janine, who happens to be Alice's mother. In that moment, the rest of A-Force appears.[2] After a brief discussion, they agree Nico should not be arrested, so they split the team in two, one of which goes to an abandoned mine to search for Alice.[1]

There, they find out that Alice is the responsible for everything that's happening and that the only way to revert everything back to normal is for Nico to kill Alice. After Elsa is infected,[1] and everyone on the team (except Nico and Singularity) ends up contracting the disease, she traps them in a time bubble and tries to revert Alice to her human appearance. Seeing this didn't solve the problem, Nico is forced to kill Alice, however, as the team regroups, Alice is shown to have suffered another transformation and to be safe and sound. She then simply vanishes.[3]

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