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Alice Nugent was a former lab assistant of Henry Pym.[2]

When Alice Nugent originally worked for Hank Pym he had no clue she owned the company that was employing both of them. She had wanted to learn Pym's research methods. Alice Nugent founded Nugent Technologies which had earned a good reputation as leaders in the telecommunications field.[3]

She received her Power Prism from Martha Gomes. As an agent of the Grandmaster's Squadron Sinister, Alice wanted to take over the world in order to make it a better place.[4]


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  • Power Prism: The Power Prism bestows on a host the ability to project and manipulate energy, create energy constructs of various shapes and sizes, flight, protection from the rigors of space and in the case of the original Doctor Spectrum, Kinji Obatu, the ability to become intangible. The Power Prism has one weakness: being vulnerable to ultraviolet light.


When Kurt Busiek created the Crimson Cowl he intended for her to be revealed as Dr. Alice Nugent but he left the book before he could set this up properly. Fabian Nicieza revealed the Crimson Cowl to be Justine Hammer. Fabian Nicieza would later use Nugent as a new Doctor Spectrum.

Busiek reintroducing Alice Nugent in Avengers V3 #20 may have been set up for the eventual Crimson Cowl reveal as we learn that Alice owns her own telecommunications company and had originally misrepresented herself to Pym to pass herself off as his lab assistant.

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